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We do our best to make pulsstory app as intuitive as possible but with such number of functionalities available some questions may appear. We hope you'll find answers to all your questions below. If not, please contact us using

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Do I have to create pulsstory portal account to use pulsstory mobile application?
Yes. Mobile application despite being packed with functionalities is designed as an add-on, created mainly for automation of training data collecting and sending it to the portal.
What additional sensors can be used with pulsstory mobile app?
It's our biggest advance over the competition. Pulsstory mobile app is capable of working with the most of the sensors, that send data using standard ANT+ protocol, classic Bluetooth, or its newer versions - Bluetooth SMART, 4.0 or BLE. You can use following devices:
a) heart rate sensor - no matter if you use chest belt, or sensors based on optical analyze of illuminated area patch of your skin,
b) power meter sensor - no matter if it's placed on your crank arm, support, wheel, in your pedals or even as stryd chest strap power meter (this one is for running-like applications only).
c) cadence sensor - in cycling it's usually some kind of sensor placed on one arm of your crank arm, that counts full cycles, or running sensor like stryd or shoe sensors that saves acceleration events present every time your feet hits the ground.
d) speed and distance sensors - mostly it's a sensor measuring number of full wheel turns in time. Multiplied by wheel circumference gives us distance and with time we can measure the speed.
I have a problem - mobile application saves just a fraction of my training distance, or measuring the distance works only when my smartphone display is on. Is it possible to do something with it?
It's a common problem, that can't be solved directly in the pulsstory app. It is caused by your phone settings related with battery saving. If the battery saving mode is on and when your display turns off all applications working in background are being suspended, or the GPS module is being switched off. It causes that some or even all training parameters are not saved. In extreme cases pulsstory mobile app can be stopped so violently, that it turns off completely and there will be no training data saved at all. The remedy for this problem is to completely switch off any battery saving mode for the time of your training. Yes we know that GPS module consumes a lot of energy, but it's impossible to save your training route and distance without working GPS and suspended pulsstory mobile application.
Most of my trainings take place indoors. How can I switch off the GPS, so it won't drain my battery saving useless data?
GPS is a fabulous thing, it allows saving lots of interesting training data, but in buildings it gives unhelpful data while eating precious energy resources stored in your phone battery. It's a child's play to switch it off in pulsstory mobile app. You just have to enter menu ACCESSORIES > GPS and switch off or back on your GPS module.
Can I delay start of the training, so I will have time to put back phone to my pocket/backpack etc.?
Certainly! Entering menu SETTINGS > DELAYED START you can choose 5, 10, 15, 30 i 60 seconds of delay before the data incoming from sensors will start to be saved on your device. Additionally, in the same menu SETTINGS > DELAYED START you can set Auto start option, so the training will start saving your activity when pulsstory will receive first data from speed or cadence sensors. These functions are usually used by athletes who pay close attention to the average speed, pace etc. and don't want this values to be distorted by data gathered while they try to put back their smartphone to the pocket, backpack or some kind of designated phone holder.
During my training I have to stop quite often for example on traffic lights and this disrupts my average training pace or speed. Can pulsstory pause saving my training data in such moments, and restart it automatically after I move again?
Yes. In pulsstory mobile application there is a function, that works exactly as described in question. It is named Auto pause and you can turn it on using menu SETTINGS > AUTO PAUSE.
I don't like looking at the phone screen during my training, but I would like to know how am I doing. Can pulsstory mobile app give me my activity parameters using voice notifications?
Sure thing! Enter menu SETTINGS, select USE VOICE NOTIFICATIONS and turn on function LAST LAP PARAMETERS. From now on during your activity, after specific distance you will hear your current and average training parameters.
I don't want to send my training data to the portal automatically after I finish my training - is it possible?
Yes, process of sending your training data to the portal automatically as soon as you end your training can be switched off. You just have to enter menu SETTINGS and turn off option SEND TRAINING. If you change your mind and would like to send this training to analyze it on portal just enter menu USER and use button SYNCHRONIZE, or if you want to send only some of your saved trainings go to menu TRAINING > HISTORY, select trainings for synchronization and in menu (three dots at the top of the screen) select option SYNCHRONIZE.
I want to make a training with HR not higher than value I got from my coach. Can pulsstory app help me to achieve this goal?
Yup, you can set maximal HR value you don't want to cross, just use menu SETTINGS > HIGH HR ALARM and set wanted maximal HR threshold. From now on if your heart rate will exceed this value during your training you will be informed, to lower your effort.
I ride the bicycle and use pulsstory application as a cycle counter, is it possible for pulsstory application to keep the screen of my smartphone always on?
Yes, pulsstory mobile application has this function - you just have to enter menu SETTINGS and turn on DON'T TURN OFF THE SCREEN option. From this moment pulsstory will keep the screen on till the moment you turn it off intentionally using power button.
I want my friends to see my every move when I'm on my training, so they could comment and cheer me up - is it possible with pulsstory app?
Yes, we have such functionality - our application can send data live to portal showing friends your current location, track and other training parameters. To turn this option just press live transmission button (it is strike through) located in the upper belt of main application view. Once pressed strike through will disappear and from this moment if you start your training your data will be transmitted live to the pulsstory portal, where your family or friends will be able to see your current progress and location.
I like running while listening to the music - can I do it using pulsstory application?
Of course. On the main screen of the mobile application you will find headphones icon. Use it to launch your favorite music application before you get back to your training.
I didn't take my smartphone for my training - can I add this activity manually using pulsstory app?
Yes. You can add training data manually, to do so, please use menu TRAINING > ADD. You just have to fill in the data and save, to see it in your calendar on
I planed my training in Can I add data from this activity using my plan as a base to speed this process up?
Sure! Entering menu TRAINING > ADD FROM PLAN you will see list of your planned activities. Select one, fill missing data and save it to create training based on your plan. This will bind your plan with provided activity and send it to the portal.
Does pulsstory mobile application have list of saved trainings?
Yes, pulsstory mobile application has list of trainings saved using smartphone or provided manually with use of your phone. To see it you should enter menu TRAINING > HISTORY.
Right after I finished my training with pulsstory mobile app I had no reception and my activity data wasn't sent to the portal. Can I do it later?
Yes, you can synchronize application trainings later using menu USER > SYNCHRONIZE. You can also enter trainings history, using menu TRAINING > HISTORY, select the one you wasn't able to send and using menu in upper belt select option SYNCHRONIZE to send just chosen trainings.
I have a competition in my planned events on, the race is about to start in couple of minutes, can I start my activity using pulsstory app in the way, that this training will be bound with this planned competition?
Sure thing! It's a brilliant idea. Just enter menu PLANS, touch planned activity and hit START button when the race begins.
I'm a member of a sport club, that uses pulsstory to make spinning classes. How can I start training, so I can see my parameters on the screen?
Use menu CLASSES > SCAN and make a photo of QR code visible on the screen in the training room to find these classes automatically. If QR code is not visible, or you are unable to make a photo of it use menu CLASSES > FIND CLASSES instead find your own group and start your training.
I have added bicycle wheel sensor. How to set it, so it could work properly showing valid speed and distance in the pulsstory mobile application?
Bicycle wheel sensors are sending only information about number of wheel turns in time. Application has to know how big your wheel is, to convert this data into useful information like distance and current speed. You can measure the wheel circumference using sewing tape centimeter or just find tables with such data on the internet (for example then enter menu ACCESSORIES > SET WHEEL CIRCUMFERENCE and enter your value expressed in millimeters.
I changed password to my account on the portal. How can I update it in mobile app?
If you want to update your password in pulsstory mobile application please enter menu USER, touch field PASSWORD, provide new password, hit OK button and check if your updated password works using button SYNCHRONIZE.
I have power sensors in both of my bicycle pedals and pulsstory mobile application shows too high cadence - how can I fix it?
Mobile application doesn't know if cadence data comes from one or two sensors, that's why if you have two sensors please enter menu ACCESSORIES > DIVIDE CADENCE BY 2 and select YES. This situation will concern for example users of bePRO and ASSIOMA with double sensors.
Can I read news sent by my club in pulsstory mobile application?
Yes, messages from pulsstory, your clubs, coaches and event organizers are available on main screen of the pulsstory app, or you can enter menu NEWS.
Can I read articles available on and in my clubs via my mobile pulsstory app?
Yes, articles published on pulsstory, in your clubs, or by your coaches and event organizers are available in the main view of the mobile app. You can also read it using menu ARTICLES.
I would like to have two different sets of sensors. One for running and other to ride my bike. Is it possible?
Doing several kinds of sport you can have different sets of sensors. If you have pulsstory mobile app you don't have to change set, every time you change sport discipline. In the app you can have up to 3 separate sets of sensors. Start with set of sensors you use the most. Then if you like to add another set enter menu ACCESSORIES, expand top belt menu and select ADD SET. You will see a page, where you will be able to see the list of your sensors sets. You can edit it, delete, and add new. From the moment you add a second set you will notice new icons with number 1, 2 or 3 showing which of these sets is active. Icons will be visible on a main application page, touching one of these icons will change currently used set of sensors.
Can I read my training analysis prepared by my coach using pulsstory app?
Sure thing. Your coaches analysis are available directly in menu ANALYSIS.
Predefined devices (sensors) PM5 and STRYD
pulsstory flawlessly works with two devices, we decide to work as predefined in our pulsstory mobile application. It's PM5 ergometer and STRYD chest power/HR/cadence sensor. Thanks to it setting them as accessories is now quick and easy.
I know I can have 3 different sets of sensors, but how to pair such sensors with my pulsstory mobile app?
Enter menu ACCESSORIES and depending on what type of sensor you want to add select HR / POWER / CADENCE / SPEED, next select method of communication (usually it's written on the cover of the device - if not, you will have to grab the manual), select matching protocol BLUETOOTH / BLUETOOTH SMART / ANT+ start your sensor (make sure the batteries are OK and put your HR belt on the chest, spin the wheel or make a few turns of the crank), in the upper belt select SCAN option, select your sensor on the list of visible devices and touch SAVE button. From now on, pulsstory mobile application will try to connect your sensor as soon as you start it.
How can I delete saved sensor?
Enter menu ACCESSORIES, next depending on what sensor you want to delete pick HR / POWER / CADENCE / SPEED, then protocol of your sensor BLUETOOTH / BLUETOOTH SMART / ANT+, touch the gear wheel icon beside saved device and select FORGET option. Don't forget to confirm this operation by touching SAVE button! From now on pulsstory mobile application will no longer try to connect this sensor.
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